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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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bart and its labor unions forced to go public. are they really that far apart? >> there is a big gap between them. big gaps can be closed. that's what we would hope would happen. but there is a clearly a wide diversion of positions. >> good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. julia haener is off tonight. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the fate of a b.a.r.t. strike rests with the governor. if he doesn't order a cooling off period, the unions could strike as soon as next month. jana katsuyama live in oakland,
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with the information revealed at today's unusual hearing. >> reporter: there was a lot of information. the two sides are expected to come back to the table at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow here at the caltrans building. what became very clear, as you heard earlier, was the big gap between the two sides. the hearing room was packed at the state building in oakland. as the three investigators appointed by governor brown listened to b.a.r.t. and the three unions. all parties put their positions to the public for the first time. >> the average worker in our unit does not make $79,500. they make $66,000 a year. >> reporter: another sticking point is benefits. >> the cost of the benefit packages have risen nearly 210%. and the escalation continues. >> reporter: escalation of
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tensions have heightened ever since a four day strike in july. feelings that surfaced as some 20 different people gave public comment. >> your riding public that you're leaving hanging day after day after day after day. you don't need to learn how to negotiate. >> they don't give a damn about the public! >> reporter: b.a.r.t. wants a four year contract, and says they're $100 million apart from the unions. union members want a three year contract and that puts the gap at 56, to $54 million apart. on wages, the two sides are closer. the union has lowered its offer to a 5% annual wage increase. b.a.r.t. has moved up to 2, and 2.5% over four years. >> there is a big gap between them. there is clearly a wide
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diversion of positions. >> reporter: again, the governor could order that 60 day cooling off period. if he doesn't, the unions are prepared to strike at 12:01 monday morning, if they don't reach a deal by sunday. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for alerts on whether the strike is on our off. download the ktvu app. follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. a distraught mother of a 1- year-old shot to death overnight as he laid next to his father. people offered prayers at the home of drew jackson. the baby and andrew thomas were both killed. tonight, the baby's mother leaned on friends and family for support as she pleaded for help to find the killer. >> my baby happened to be one
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of those kids that died over nothing. what if that was your child? what if that was your anything. you've got to say something. there's got to be something you have to say. >> there were several people inside the home. ktvu's mike mibach spoke with one of them, she was actually in the room right next door and told mike what happened right after those shots were fired. >> reporter: the call 2:46 a.m., the call, shots fired. >> that's my family. >> when i opened up the door, my sister is standing there with baby drew in her hand saying the baby was shot. >> reporter: in the other room, her nephew, and great-nephew. she identified them as drew jackson, and his father, andrew thomas. >> i went in there to check, and andrew did his last little thing and he turned over.
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i knew he's dead. >> reporter: the police went down a side path, into the yard, and walked right up to the window. that's when police said someone fired. >> he liked to play outside. he liked animals and all the other stuff. he loved to play with his sister, and now we have to go home and my officer has to explain had a her daughter how she will never see her brother again. >> reporter: interim police chief sean whent. >> we have children being shot while they sleep in their bed. >> reporter: thomas's family says he grew up in oakland, but was living in fresno, and was her for his cousin's funeral who was killed last weekend on may avenue. thomas was targeted and it could possibly be connected to his cousin's death. >> that cousin was shot and
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killed saturday morning on neigh avenue. police arrested kendall eatman. they did so yesterday. it seems the shooting followed a dispute between the two men while they were in separate vehicles. eatman has been in prison before on drug convictions. police say he has denied anything to do with the shooting of rivera. 1-year-old daphne web disappeared a month ago, and has not been found. 8-year-old alishia carradine was shot and killed during a sleepover. today, police chief sean whent faced questions about what is being done to find those responsible? >> do you have any leads? >> we do have leads in some of those cases. some of them promising, some cases more than others. >> today, opd also held the
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last of the ice cream socials. operation cease-fire is key to fighting violent crime. five of those victims were just 8 years old or younger. drew jackson was the youngest of them all at just 16 months. we are following developing news out of southern california tonight, where a large wildfire continues to grow near banning, and riverside county. some residents and sheriffs deputies had been trapped by that fire earlier this evening, but they have all now been safely evacuated. so far, more than 5,000 acres, and several structures, including homes have burned since that fire started about 2:00 this afternoon. california statewide amber alert for a missing teenage girl from the san diego area has now been extended to washington and oregon. investigators say she was kidnapped by a man suspected of killing her mother, and
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possibly her brother as well. james dimaggio, and hanna anderson may be headed to canada. a friend of dimaggio's says he was obsessed with her. >> hanna will come back. and ethan, and tina, i love you both. >> the body were found in the ashes of the house, along with the male child. he has not been identified, but it could be the body of 8-year- old ethan. new video from oakland, where a large tree fell on top of a car. the tree came down about 6:45 tonight, on bancroft avenue near 55th. >> i wanted to cry. i don'thave money to pay for this. >> the owner told us, she had just gotten her car back from the shop. $1 million. that's now the average price of
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a home in santa clara county. maureen naylor live with what's behind the leap over last year's average. >> gasia, this campbell home is one example of how fast prices have gone up. now 5 months later, it's in escrow, with a list price of $1,080,000. the house sold for $945,000 in 2009. it's now listed for $1.1 million, and an escrow with two offers. according to new numbers, the price of the average single family home in santa clara county last july was almost $914,000. this year, the average price is more than $1 million. up 15% year to year. >> although the average price is that high, i don't want
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buyers to despair and think they're out of the game. >> reporter: carl san miguel says higher end homes in areas such as couper tee know, and saratoga skew the market. homes are taking a little longer to sell, and there's maybe half the offers of what they saw two months ago. >> you could have easily, 10, 15 offers. now you might have from 2 to 6. >> reporter: still, offers nonetheless, he says. while strapped homeowners are seeing their home values on the rise. >> we definitely see the uptick in housing prices. i think it gives us more options in terms of you know, possibly selling in the future.
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>> reporter: realtors say rising interest rates could impact things further. reporting live tonight in campbell, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. within the past 40 minutes, lottery officials announced that three tickets matched all of the winning numbers for tonight's massive $448 million powerball jackpot. one of those tickets was sold in minnesota, two others were sold in new jersey. now here are the winning numbers, you see them on the screen. 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and the powerball number is 32. nine tickets sold in california matched the first five numbers, including one that was sold in sunnyvale. lotto hopefuls have been lining up to buy tickets for the past few days. this is what it looked like at cavanaugh liquors. that store is considered lucky, because four past winners have
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bought tickets there. on our facebook page, we're asking, how would you spend all of that money if you won the jackpot? you can join the conversation at ktvu channel 2 on facebook. from dumping vodka, to a show of frustration, the rising tensions between the u.s. and russia. >> the low clouds are already moving in, i will break down the chances for drizzle during the morning commute. >> and next, how bay area pet owners are becoming easy targets for criminals.
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friends and family of sandra coke, the missing woman fanned out flyers today. police searched her home and followed leads two west oakland, where coke's car was found. her two cell phones have also been recovered. one in north oakland, the other in richmond. >> they think she may have met somebody in a coffee shop, somewhere here in the oakland area, so they're reviewing surveillance tapes and interviewing witnesses. >> her family says they're also using social media, to publicize the case, hoping that it will generate some leads. her family says she may have gone to meet someone who had information regarding her lost dog. new at 10:00, a warning to pet owners who may be targets when their pet is missing. >> reporter: frank, we spoke with workers at the san francisco animal care and
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control. and those at the oakland animal shelter. they tell me it is a good idea for owners to offer a reward for their pet's safe return, but advise them to be careful. the relationship between a man and his dog is often described as best friends, or more. >> he's a child. he's an extension of us. >> reporter: store manager michael rizzo tells us he lost his dog while walking one day. >> i kept looking for a year. >> reporter: he offered a reward. >> which is why i think i got some leads, but they weren't concrete. >> reporter: rebecca cats says offering a reward is a good tool. that can lead to the recovery of lost puts. but cautions pet owners to set up meetings in public places, and not go alone. >> ideally, a police station, or an animal control agency, or
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somewhere like that would be best. >> reporter: cats recommend visiting a local animal shelter. you can get the attention of other animal lovers. >> you can load in a picture of your animal, and make a post, a >> reporter: she also showed us a new iphone app that is free called find rover. it has the capability of facial recognition to match a photo of a lost dog to those that have been found. it will also work, if you find a dog, and want to locate the owner. >> just about being as careful as you can be, and also try to get your pet back. >> reporter: rizzo never got his pet back. >> when they lose an animal, for whatever reason, it's part of you, so yeah, it hurts. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the emotional attachment, we saw someone offer a $500 reward for the return of their bunny. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a 6-year-old girl was one
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of three victims tied up in the vallejo home invasion this morning. two men said they were pg and e workers and faced their way inside a home. the family inside was tied up, and police said the suspects stole money and personal relations. the suspects are described in their 30s. one is a black male, the other is black or hispanic. they were last seen getting into a gold suv, similar to a cadillac escalade. it took five hours before the jury found a leader in a biker gang guilty in murder of a rival gang member. the jury convicted jeffrey pettigrew, the leader of the san jose chapter of the hells angels. prosecutors argued the shooting was an organized assassination. gonzalez said he acted in self-
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defense in a brawl. 81-year-old william ayres faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading no contest to molesting young patients in the '80s and '90s. today the judge revoked his bail. as students get ready to head back to class in just a couple of weeks, they're being warned to keep close tabs of their smartphones. the devices have become a top target for thieves, and their victims are getting younger. >> this year's back to school shopping list. new clothes, new shoes, and maybe a new smartphone. >> reporter: brandon, an incoming freshman got this one just last week. >> i just keep it safe, put it in my pocket. don't show it in there, because you never know, right? >> reporter: smartphone robberies have surged in the
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city. in many cases, students are the victims. >> people look at these kids as potential targets. and that is sad. >> reporter: the principal says teens can easily be distracted by their devices. >> there's a lot that kind of catches their attention. sometimes it is challenging to get them to look up, and be aware. >> reporter: the principal here says usually his students have their smartphones stolen during the trip to or from school. targeted by thieves, as they ride on muni, or other public transportation. >> they're very vulnerable. >> reporter: he told me he's seen kids as young as 6 attacked for their smartphones. part of why he's doing outreach in schools, and pressuring phone manufactures for a so- called kill switch, that can disable stolen devices and deture theft. >> this is one of those areas where you're dealing with crime, where you can actually fix the problem with technology.
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>> reporter: but a high-tech solution may take time. >> be aware. don't fixate yourself totally on the phone. >> reporter: kids holding devices worth hundreds of dollars, a prime target for thieves. back to school time is fast approaching, the oakland school district is trying something new to boost school spirit. ♪ [ music ] featuring oakland tech graduate, and nfl pro bowler, marshawn lynch, they released a video called i am an oakland student. the district says 1 out of every 6 kindergartners misses 10%. classes in oakland start august 26. ♪ [ music ] and not too much change in our weather pattern for today. low clouds and fog on the increase already.
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we're stuck in this cool, weather pattern. right now, partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy skies. we had some drizzle this morning, and i suspect some drizzle tomorrow morning. lots of overcast out there in the coast, right around the bay, even a few patches inland. this could even be that light rain drizzle. half moon bay had .02 of an inch of rainfall, because of that drizzle earlier this morning. overnight lows will be starting off the day in the low to mid- 50s. santa rosa, 56 degrees. lots of clouds and drizzle. coming up in less than a half hour, the parts of the state that could take up a few thunderstorms over the next couple of days, and the one direction the temperatures will be trend by the weekend. a registered sex offender charged in a kidnapping case. the attack one woman managed to escape from. later, a terrifying crash all caught on camera. what passengers say the driver was doing right before this
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happened. >> from kitchens to city streets. clogging sewers. go down below to see how it's cleaned out. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes."
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it's likely not something you've given much thought to, but globs of grease lurking under san francisco streets are costing taxpayers big money. the grease combines with wipes to create a multimillion dollars problem. >> i would say, this is a sewer heart attack, if you keep adding grease. >> reporter: strain's sewer workers -- san francisco's sewer workers are at war with pipe. london sewer workers last week, removed a 30,000-pound lump of lard. a fat burg as large as a bus.
10:25 pm
part of the problem are wet wipes, similar to these, which when flushed, tend to clump together. san francisco sewage crews scoped out grease clothes. >> like clay, yeah, it just builds up pretty much all around the service. >> reporter: water is pumped in under high pressure to pop the grease pimple. the city also sends special trucks to restaurants, slumping out used grease to recycle for fuel. adding to the problem, 30% of san francisco sewers are more than 100 years old. making getting the grease out of old bricks and pipes, a bit more of a sticky job. a registered sex offender is behind bars tonight, accused
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of kidnapping a woman in a kmart parking lot, and then sexually assaulting her. police say on monday afternoon, 43-year-old kevin harvey forced the woman into her car at gunpoint at the kmart on east 18th street. she says the man drove her so several different spots and sexually assaulted her. she was eventually able to escape. harvey was arrested in antioch the next day, after police said he showed off the same gun at the somerville town center. san francisco is hosting a gun buy back program tomorrow night. guns in working condition can be turned in for $100 no questions asked. assault rifles can be turned in for $200. the gun buy back is being held in the parking lot of the u.s. bank at 22nd and cap streets. the event runs from 6 to 8:00 tomorrow night. she was scammed once, then called ktvu news, when the scammer called again. >> so how much time do i have to try to get the $850?
10:27 pm
>> tonight at 10:45, a warning after our john sasaki confronts the caller. >> president obama cancels a key trip to russia. the political snub amid escalating tensions. >> you can get ktvu news to go. download the app, click the live icon, and watch all of our ktvu newscasts streaming live on your mobile device.
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new at 10:00, a political snub in washington, with potential global consequences. president obama has canceled his upcoming meeting with russia's president, sighting a number of issues, including russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to edward snowden, and the country's new anti-gay laws. heather holmes is live in the newsroom with more on this
10:30 pm
break in relations. >> reporter: frank, the cancelation is seen as a deliberate show. >> the last time we saw president obama and russia president vladimir putin together, the strained relationship between the two former cold war adversaries was clearly visible. >> there have been times where they flip back into cold war thinking, and a cold war mentality. >> reporter: president obama says the two sides have grown apart on several issues. >> we have tried to respect if there's a law breaker, or alleged law breaker in their country. we evaluate and try to work with them. they didn't do that with us. >> reporter: it was decided mr. obama would not sit down with
10:31 pm
mr. putin before the g20 summit in september. >> we were not at the point in our progress in a number of these issues, where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> reporter: the president also expressed concerns over russia's new laws, discriminating against gays. the legislation led to new calls for action. now being urged to sever ties with sister cities in russia. already, more than 300 people have signed the online petition, urging mayor kwan to step in. the new laws have already led to arrests in russia, site of the upcoming winter olympics. president obama calls the crackdown contradictory to the olympic spirit. i asked mayor kwan's office
10:32 pm
about the calls to cut those sister city ties, in a statement she said she plans to consult with the city council, and that she is committed to pressuring all governments to treat their lgbt communities with respect and dignity. 100 people contributed money to pay for the $3,000 billboard put up on 10th street and howard. it's in response to ads that were placed on muni buses earlier this year. granted a reprieve from the no child left behind law. it means those school districts won't face the tough requirements, and severe sanctions tied to the federal
10:33 pm
law. the school districts promises to evaluate schools, and principals using current test scores and other measures. the dow fell 48 points, the nasdaq was down 11. the s & p 500 fell 6 points. this is the first three day losing streak for the market since june. shares of tesla jumped 14% to $153 per share in after hours trading, after reported results that showed revenue, and profit is growing better than expected. the palo alto based automaker delivered earnings of 20 cents per share, when it was forecast to lose 19 cents per share. the local deals spot, bloomspot is ending its offers. the program will stop at the end of the month, customers can still buy offers until then, but all deals must be redeemed by august 31. yahoo has a new look.
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and it will look different tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. that's because the company plans to showcase a different design every day until september 4, when the official new logo will be unveiled. yahoo is calling its 30 days of change, except for the color and the exclamation point, which will remain the same. this is the first time yahoo has changed its logo in its entire 18 year history. a palo alto park goes high- tech with the flip of a switch. the service is part of a year long experiment. usage, and community feedback will be evaluated at the end of the year. the idea came from a former stanford student who approached the city about a experiment to raise money to enhance a city park. hoping to lure new business to the city, fremont has launched a new website, touting the innovative business acumen.
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it points out newsweek says that size ranks fremont number 1 in the nation for number of patents per capita. in news of the world, kenyan authorities say they don't know what caused a massive fire that ripped through the nairobi airport. however, kenyan authorities say they don't believe there is any link. there were no reports of serious injuries in the fire. from china, a crash caught on tape, showing the human impact when a bus slammed right into a semi truck. the driver, and passengers are thrown from the bus. 22 people on that bus suffered injuries. one person in the semi was killed. passengers said the bus driver reversed on a highway after he missed his exit. in venezuela, police say women are being targeted for
10:36 pm
their hair. thieves grab their hair and cut it off with scissors. police say the thieves sell the hair to make quick money. thousands of drivers have been preordering special vintage license plates. they're $50 plus the cost of registration, for a plate to be reproduced, at least 7500 people have to order it. the black plate is the most popular. the effort to keep tahoe blue seems to be working. a report shows lake tahoe experienced a quote, amazing rebound in clarity in 2012. scientists say visibility was at 75.3 feet last year. that's a 6.4-foot improvement from the previous year. scientists credit the good news to drier conditions that washed fewer pollutants into the lake. a shark spotted in san
10:37 pm
francisco bay. in three minutes, new information about the sighting we first told you about last night, and the kind of shark it may be. >> at 10:45, back with your weekend forecast, and a warm up that's in the works. >> first, the south bay's first human case of west nile virus, and how the county plans to fight the problem from the air. >> live pictures here of developing news. an update on this growing wildfire, we're monitoring right now in southern california.
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an update here to developing news, we're following in southern california. cal fire says at least 6,000 acres have burned near banning in riverside county. this fire broke out about 2:00 this afternoon, and quickly spread. you're looking at live pictures of that fire. at this point, the number of structures destroyed stands at at least 10. we know two firefighters, and one civilian were hurt. at least 1500 people have been evacuated from this area. a woman in her 30s, recently hospitalized for viral meningitis turned out to be infected with west nile. she's now recovering at home. santa clara county vector control showed us a typical scene these days. dead birds with west nile
10:41 pm
virus, which infect mosquitoes which can infect humans. >> now i feel like i should buy some bug spray. >> officials plan to look for neglected pools of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. a shark sighting has many people wondering, is it really a great white shark? and why this shark may actually be one you have not heard of before. >> reporter: where america's cup boats raced today and yesterday, this popped up yesterday afternoon. the dorsal fin of a shark. possibly, a great white. >> i'm really scared from sharks. >> reporter: this family from italy. >> i contempt telling my daughter, there's no sharks, don't worry. now you're telling me there is one. >> reporter: in fact many,
10:42 pm
seven gil leopard, and others, bay area residents. this diver is safe here, but less so in the open ocean with one of these. great whites have a fearsome reputation, though human bites are accidental. >> occasionally, they may venture in, under the bridge, but it's not at all common. >> reporter: this might be a great white, or the closely related salmon shark. >> those two species can be very similar in appearance, especially when the animal is underwater. >> reporter: less well known, salmon sharks are off the coast right now. >> obviously, they like salmon, and a lot of different types of fish that would be found here in the bay. >> reporter: there's never been a reported salmon shark attack on humans, and great white attacks are rare. experts say you're much more likely to get hurt right here on the beach. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. a simple phone call that could cost you big time.
10:43 pm
>> good afternoon, how are you? >> the trick the caller tried to pull on this woman, and what happened after we got involved. >> a man locked in a casket, and pushed from a plane. how he managed to free himself and land safely. >> scattered clouds, and cool continues today. when we'll finally feel a warm up. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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okay, she was scammed once. then received a call for a prize. what the caller was promising sounded way too good to be true. john sasaki stepped in. >> reporter: it's a phone call that many people think they won't. this oakland resident got that call yesterday. there was a catch, she had to get had reloadable debit card. the number to which, she gave
10:46 pm
over the phone. the cash grew in value. >> you could pay 850. i said i don't have $850. well, what can you pay? >> reporter: she called ktvu. we there were as nadine received another call from new york. >> what is the time your bank closes? >> reporter: i added my two cents. >> how do we know this is not a scam. >> sir, this is 100% legit. >> reporter: i identified myself, he kept up the charade. >> no one is scamming anyone here. >> reporter: publishers clearing house on their website says they never call, they never ask for money, yet you are doing that, sir. >> reporter: he then hung up. >> people think they're going to get money for nothing, air very little. so they take the chance, every
10:47 pm
time it's false. >> reporter: publisher's clearing house has a warning. >> if you're ever asked to send a payment to claim a sweepstakes prize, you're being scammed. >> reporter: nadine will be telling the police about the money she lost. she runs an oakland non-profit and wanted to protect others by sharing her story. android continues to beat apple in smartphone sales. iphones accounted for 13%. microsoft windows phone had a nearly 4% share, followed by blackberry, with almost 3%. apple hasn't released a new phone since the iphone 5 last year. you know that drinking warm milk is supposed to help you sleep. adding chocolate to the mix could help your memory. with improved blood flow, the
10:48 pm
cocoa drinkers did better on memory tests. a researcher said a cocoa based treatment would be popular, but more study is needed. a stunt man chained, and locked inside a casket that was pushed from an airplane landed safely after freeing himself in mid-air. anthony mason said the escape was exhilarating, but he was disoriented because the casket whipped side to side. >> when the box left the aircraft, i thought it would fall a little more stable than it did. it made it quite unstable, which made it difficult. >> reporter: martin began teaching himself how to pick locks at the age of 6. well, the cooler weather pattern continued to top our local weather headlines. right now, low clouds and fog already on the increase, a
10:49 pm
constant near the coast all day long. partly, to mostly cloudy skies. enough moisture that we will squeeze out some drizzle once again, even light rain near the immediate shore line first thing tomorrow morning. as far as current temperatures, right now, ranging from the upper 50s in half moon bay. san francisco, 60 degrees. lower 60s toward fairfield, and walnut creek. these would be the average temperatures for today for santa rosia, concord, and san jose. temperatures down 8, to 16 degrees below the average. a big drop off over the past few days. we're going to hold onto this pattern, basically for tomorrow, and a little bit of a bump in the numbers beginning friday. tonight, mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, cool to mild, we do warm up that weekend forecast, especially by sunday. this area of low pressure, the culprit, of all the cool weather out there, so scattered clouds once again for tomorrow,
10:50 pm
and once again low clouds, and drizzle for your morning commute. basically the same deal for the friday commute. some instability up here to our north, and to our east with this area of low pressure. watch our forecast model. we'll put this into moisture, 5:00 tomorrow morning, low clouds, and then into the afternoon hours, we have thunderstorms developing up to the north, and to the east. be watching out for this, and the possibility of some fire starts. if we do have lightning strikes in the region. once again, friday morning, starting out with mostly cloudy skies. friday afternoon, look what happens. the showers developing, approaching parts of mendocino county, and portions of lake county for friday. as far as our red flag warning, that kicks in tomorrow for the mountains and these areas shaded in red. the bay area, 70s, and a few 80s. san rafael, 69 degrees. these numbers about the same as today.
10:51 pm
could be a little cooler in a few spots. san jose starting out with the clouds. winds do pick up into the afternoon. 15 to 25 miles an hour. look ahead at your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view. as we do approach the weekend, temperatures up just a few degrees by friday. sunday, will be the warmest day, and the warming will continue into next week. once again, you might not have those windshield wipers first thing in the morning. a delta four rocket, carrying latest in a fleet of military commanders was launched. the 21 story tall rocket put on a dramatic show for those who got up early to see the sunrise launch. the rocket is carrying a 13,000- pound satellite. that satellite will be part of a military communications network, shared by the united
10:52 pm
states, australia, canada, denmark, luxembourg, the netherlands, and new zealand. a pretty dramatic turn the a's have taken. >> yeah, just the last couple of weeks. the lead can shrink no more, because it's gone. a little more than a week, the a's, have seen their once comfortable 6 game lead evaporate. now tied with texas. bartolo colon with a performance that was not enhanced by this. jay bruce. just a colossal blast. his 24th. 4-1 reds in cincy. now 5-1. the catcher for the a's tries to cash in a pair. bruce, again. this time with some beautiful defense, 5-2. now down 6-3 in the 6th. eric sogard with a shot into the corner in right field. two runs will score against homer bailey. donaldson, and moss. but 6-5. that is as close as
10:53 pm
the a's were to get in this one. swept by the reds. the rangers are in the passing lane. although 1-0 rangers, mike trout on his 22nd birthday, his 20th homer. texas, however blows out candles soon after. adrian beltre, a two run shot. they're in the 9th inning. rangers well in command, 10-3. if they hang on and win, they'll be in a tie for first place. the giants continue to take a dive in the west. sports part 2, next. it guides you to a number that will change your life:
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every time you think the giants have hit rock bottom, they keep excavating. deeper into the basement. looking every bit the last place team they are. two on for buster posey, crunched one to left. chris davis with a beautiful catch out there for the brewers. instead of a two run double, just a sacrifice fly. 1-0. madison bumgarner pitched well into the 8th, but can blame himself for this. poor choice. threw it past pablo at third.
10:57 pm
2-1 brewers, and madison was gone. center. aoki with a sing 6-1 is your final. another yawner for the giants. losing to the brewers. tiger woods, number 1 golfer in the world, it just doesn't feel like he is all the way back, and won't until he wins another major. something that has eluded him since 2008. he will have his next chance in rochester new york, starting tomorrow. even though 15 has eluded him, he's not discouraged. >> i've had certainly my share of chances to win. i've had my opportunities on the back 9, probably half of those sundays the last five years, where i've had a chance. just haven't won it. all right, round 1 tomorrow. but that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. >> thank you mark. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the ktvu morning team will
10:58 pm
have the latest on the search for suspects in the killing of the baby and his father in oakland. they're here tomorrow 4:30 until 9:00. thanks for joining us.
10:59 pm
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